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5 Tips To Help Your Kid Succeed In Soccer

5 Tips To Help Your Kid Succeed In Soccer

As a parent, you would want to ensure the all-round development of your child. You would be able to help the child with the academics as well as theater and arts through the school curriculum. Sports is something that would need a little more participation from the parent.

But today, most parents face a challenge of helping their kids in sports. Probably because of a sedentary yet busy lifestyle of today. Or maybe their careers and other responsibility chocked their passion for sports. But sports is necessary for the child’s growth. He can learn about the importance of strategy, physical strength, teamwork and coordination.

In this post, we will uncover some five tips to help your kid succeed in soccer.

1. Encourage your kid to practice regularly

kid exercise soccerPractice makes one perfect. Encourage your kid to familiarize himself with the ball. Introduce simple dribbling,handling, shooting, passing, and kicking the ball. If possible play with your child with the right gusto and enthusiasm. The kid will then feel motivated to put all the effort needed in mastering the game. Teach basic rules of the game to your kid. Explain them as you practice with him.

Theoretical knowledge can be easily forgotten. But what is taught while in practice is registered well by us. Remember, the first coach that the kid gets are his parents. And they will forever remain his best coaches all his life. Still find a good coach for the kid to train under. A child will learn the right technique and skills required only from a professional. You should always remain as a strong motivator for you kid.

According to Unicef, allow your kid to practice even at home. We understand, most people discourage the kids from playing at the house. This may be to avoid damages to the items in the house. The rational here is that he has a very limited time to himself at the playground, and needs to practice on his own.

May be allow him to practice in the portico, in the lawn or near the garage. You could always make room for your kids practice. The coach could suggest some exercises like sprinting, and dodging. Your kid could also perfect his passes and shots by using a bucket or scribbling a goal post on the wall. Simple practice games can help your kid achieve ball control, dribbling and dodging.

Furthermore, get reliable and comfortable soccer gear for your kid at first. The most important are soccer cleats. Be sure to get comfortable and locked down cleats. This will only improve his playing. It’s easier to say than actually buy such cleats. There are hundreds of various soccer shoes on the market and every child/person has different type of feet. Read the Ultimate soccer cleat guide at TopCleats and only then start searching. This guide will introduce with every aspect of soccer cleat (insole, outsole, upper, studs, k-leather etc.) and guide you in the right direction.

2. Make little successes count

Celebrate every goal your kid scores says MomsTeam.com. Also encourage them with the same enthusiasm when he doesn’t. Don’t pressurize your kids to perform, as this will put a lot of stress on them. Also learn about the game, to understand the expectations of the players in the game. Don’t expect a player manning the defense line to run across the field and score. Allow your kid to enjoy the sport, and express himself in it.

Never force your kids to play a position he may not be comfortable in. Discuss with his coach, to identify his strengths and better himself. Be his faithful fans, cheering them through all their efforts. Drop them and pick them from their practices on time. Make sure your kids find you when they need you to support them. Your presence in the stands, will act as a huge motivational booster for him. Celebrate their wins with a small pizza party or with similar treats.

3. Eat healthy, Drink healthy

kid eating apple

“Eating right is very important to the growth of a developing child”, says Dr. Wendy LeBolt. Provide your child with a light snack before the practice session. Also pack a small box of snacks for him. In case when the child is hungry due to exhaustion, he could turn to your snack box to replenish the lost energy. A hungry player is useless on the field.

Keep your kid hydrated. Sports is a strenuous exercise and hence involves a lot of sweating. A lot of water is lost in the process and hence needs to countered by drinking enough water. Also check if you can get him energy drinks to replace the salts and sugars lost during the exercise. Be careful, as some of the drink contain caffeine, which can be addictive.

These drinks could give you a sudden surge of energy, to perform better. But these are detrimental in the long run especially its withdrawal. Drinking and eating right, will also help the player, to maintain good health. This will help in reducing problems like muscle strain, exhaustion, mental stress, etc.

4. Enroll your kids to Soccer camps or play at the park

Enrol your kid to Soccer camps, so he learns the game in practice from trained professionals. Performance enhancing exercises and drills, will help the child improve as a player. He will also learn to bond with other participants and make new friends who will also be his team mates. Such bonding is essential for a team sport like soccer.

Organize small tournaments at the park along with other parents. A healthy competition will improve the skills of the player and also the team. Regular matches, will also improve the performance of the players under pressure. They will improve in decision making, team building, strategizing on the move.

5. Watch Soccer Games on TV or at a Stadium or a park

Encourage the child to watch premier league matches. Allow him to choose his favorite clubs and player. Analyse the game with him as you study their every move. Discuss, debate, and deliberate on the strategy. If your child supports a club, you could choose to support their rival. This will create a competition among you both. You could use reverse psychology and taunt him about his favorite players and clubs. You will see how he would do his research and grow his passion for the sport. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

A disappointed child will find it hard to gain back his interest in sports. The child requires constant support from his family and friends. If all around him are interested in the same sports or league, he will always remain enthusiastic. It will be a delight to watch him grow. You will notice him use the techniques of his heroes to improve his game.


There is a lot you could do to help your child excel in soccer. Be his first loyal fan. Congratulate him on his achievements, and be encouragement when he fails. Be his support system as he grows in the sports.

Constantly, help him to learn new techniques and skills. Introduce him to new avenues to learn daily.

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