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Just in Time for Summer: 5 Recipes with Cold Brew Coffee


Click here for the recipe for cold brew coffee and our ratio for cold brew chart.

Coffee Your Way: Cold Brew Has A Lot To Offer Cold brew is smoother, easier to enjoy, and tends to have a much higher quotient of caffeine. You can also make it yourself if you like; though that tends to have mixed results. It’s possible experimentation may be necessary.

With that in mind, summer is here, and staying cool inside and out is the way to go. Following we’ll explore five new ways to enjoy the fine twist on coffee that is cold brew.

Adding the Right Cream: Almond Milk, Whipping Cream, Etc.

Whipping cream in the old days came in a liquid form that was whipped up for varying dishes. However, in its “basic” form, it’s a very thick sort of milk that just bathes your tongue in gentleness. It mixes well with cold brew, and makes for a smooth, creamy, flavorful experience. It’s best to mix in the cream you prefer after you’ve brewed your beverage.

If you’re not self-brewing, then this is quite obvious; but if you were making your cold brew coffee the night before, that could be a consideration. Even so, you might find the result of adding cream the night before suits you; however it could affect coffee absorption into the water.

Also, you don’t have to go with traditional cream. Almond milk is a fine choice, so is macadamia nut milk—there are some fine Hawaiian options out there. Different mixes work for different people; find your balance.

2. The Popsicle Factor

Cold Brew concentrate, yogurt, and protein powder—perhaps a little cream—can be combined together to make a popsicle. Just put the ingredients into a blender, get everything smooth, pour in the popsicle mold, insert the little wooden popsicle stick, and let freeze.

You might or might not add sugar, caramel, chocolate, or all of them—taste the blend before freezing to assure the flavor is just how you want it.

3. Making Your Own Cold Brew: Experimentation

You can actually make your own cold brew coffee using any Java Planet Organic Coffee.

Essentially, you just grind up a whole cup of beans for every three cups of water you combine them with—now you know why cold brew is so strong! That’s a 1:3 ratio, but you can go with a 1:4 ratio if you like—whatever suits tastes; it may take a few tries to get it right.

Basically, you combine the water and the beans in a container, stir gently and let it sit for 12 and 18 hours (longer makes a stronger brew), then pour it through some sort of filters like a fine sieve or cheesecloth. Voila, you’ve got some delicious cold brew.

At dinner time, you can set up a batch, stick it in the fridge, and it will be ready as you wake up in the morning.

To keep track of your cold brew coffee ratio and brew time experiments we suggest you use this app Good Fika.

4. Soda Water and Cold Brew: Surprisingly Good

There are cold brews that come “on tap” in some coffee places like beer does. They include carbonation, and they’re delicious. Here’s a person giving their experience of mixing La Croix and cold brew. They didn’t like it, but you don’t have to stick with just one sort of soda water or mixing arrangement.

The writer of the link goes on to talk about what made that individual find their way to enjoying the drink. They augmented the basic recipe, and that’s what is one of the exciting things about cold brew: it’s not quite a blank canvas, but like hot coffee, there are many ways you can prepare it to match your tastes. The “chill” factor changes flavor profiles, opening things up.

5. Cold Brew Ice Cubes

Like with the popsicle, you basically make the cold brew you like, then freeze it. You can then use the cubes in, say, Kahlua coffee drinks, or something similar. Basically, pour the cold brew in an ice cube tray, let it freeze, then plop in the cubes to the adult beverages you’ve made (or just a glass of milk) for a fun twist.

Getting That Coffee Kick Without the Heat

Cold-brew ice cubes, carbonating the delicious caffeine nectar, making your own brew, popsicle creations, and adding diverse creams all represent fine ways of making cold brew. If you haven’t tried these, the summer is here, the heat is near, and you might as well see what you can find.

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