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5 Gifts You Can Send To Your Clients

Business client relationships are more important than ever in the modern world. Show you best customers how much you care about them with a thoughtful, well-chosen gift.

A Fruit Basket

Fruit is good for you. It’s also incredibly delicious and easy to share with others. A single pear, for example, is packed with nutrition. Lots of places offer fruit your clients may not be able to get locally. Cherries from Washington state make a wonderful spring present. A selection of different types of apples from orchards in September is the ideal way to mark the new autumn season.

Something to Wear

Items that people can wear are always welcome. This is also a good way to get your message across to clients. Many people want to be associated with a successful business venture. Promotional shirts are easy to wear and easy to send long distance. Think about the kind of activities people do during the year. A sun visor with the company’s logo is a good thing to give out to when the summer starts to heat up and people spend more time outdoors. Tee shirts for kids are much appreciated by busy parents when kids are out of school.

Regional Items

If you are based in an area that is famous for a specific product, send that product to your clients to remind them of your business. Think about locally renowned specialties. New York City, for example, has cheesecake. Send your clients a cheesecake they can share with all of their staffers. Many restaurants are happy to make shipping arrangements for you and take care of all the little details. A few pounds of barbecued meat and lots of sauce offer a company party that your clients will long remember with great fondness.

Sporting Equipment

Everyone loves the great outdoors. If you know what your clients like to do in their spare time, give them a gift centered around their favorite sports. Golf balls with the company’s name on them are useful and fun. A few tennis rackets that promote your company can be used when they’re playing. Balls such as footballs, soccer balls, and baseballs are inexpensive. Yet they’ll make something that all of your clients want to use on a weekly basis. They’re also something that is visible from multiple angles.

Phone Chargers

Cellphones are a must for any busy person. People need to keep in touch with others as they go about their workday. People also need to make sure their cellphones are always charged. Modern chargers are easy to slip in a purse or suitcase. They take up very little space yet serve an extremely important purpose. Provide your clients with something they’ll use all the time by sending them a portable cell phone charger. Put the name of your company on the side in contrasting letters.

Unexpected, interesting and very useful gifts are always a treat to send and even more of a treat to get. These gifts are practical and easy to arrange.

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