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5 Biggest Event Trends to Follow in 2019

5 Biggest Event Trends to Follow in 2019

The year is 2019, and all the conventional event planning ideas that you might think still work are slowly ceasing to exist. The need of today is to put your guests as your topmost priority in order to guarantee your event’s success. As the leading Event Planner in Singapore. Below we have accumulated a list of 5 biggest event planning trends in 2019 that you must follow in order to make sure your event is a success.

5 Biggest Event Trends:-

1. The destination/venue is a major selling point: According to recent statistics, as many as 70% of people consider the destination of the event as a major point when choosing to attend a business-related event. For about 30% of those people, it is a major deciding factor as well. Work and leisure should preferably go hand in hand here.

What Does It Mean?
As a planner, you must be able to offer the perfect blend of affordable outings whilst arranging for a vacation/tours like business events. Experiencing the local culture and cuisine is something most of us look forward to.

2. More cuisines are now plant-based: With the advent of the vegan movement, more and more people (especially in the younger demographic) are inclining towards adopting an exclusively plant-based diet. The same needs to be corporated when selecting the menu for an event.

What Does It Mean?

While not every item has to necessarily be a variation of beans and sprouts, planners can certainly twict their menus slightly. They must advise the caterers to come up with some creative vegetarian cuisines to enchant the guests.

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3. Events are more personalized than ever: More than 90% of your audience today demands that an event should offer a personalized experience. They want to imprint their personal touch to the event and also to have control over how they spent the entire duration of it.

What Does It Mean?
More power to the attendees. You should let your guests shape the nature of the event for it to match their personal needs and likings. You can offer your attendees with multiple choices regarding how they want to spend specific hours of the event. (Live polling helps here).

4. Telecommunication is the way forward: As the world ad business operation gathers pace, your guest speakers/VIPs would rather prefer not to physically attend the event. Time is money and a majority of business tycoons (even your company’s CEO) might not be able to make it to the event, just in order to deal with business matters.

What Does It Mean?
Telecommunication is an efficient way for personnel to interact more easily, without the need to be physically present at a mutual venue. While addressing the public via hologram is still beyond the reaches of the common masses. Still social media and face-time video conferencing is just as good an alternative to have speakers virtually address everyone.

5. Event security and guest safety is the priority: Around 85% of seasoned event planners believe that guest safety is considered to be amongst the top priorities during recent times. The security these days has however been given a broader scope, since these days it also includes natural disasters as well.

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What Does It Mean?
Security is today the biggest priority for an event planner (as it should be). Always communicate the items allowed to be carried by the guests, and have a proper evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

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