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4 Essential Things to Do Before Dropshipping


When you are doing dropshipping of a product then you should consider some factors that you might face while shipping them. These factors can affect your business and company reputation in several ways hence making and covering all those factors might be hard but not impossible.

It is necessary to cover all those factors as it may cause you damage and loss thus making sure that your product is successfully drop shipped with the right and proper process can have a good impression on the reputation of your company and the product you supplied.

This article is to help you notice and prevent all those factors from happening and saving your company from a long-term loss.

Here are some essential things to look after before drop shopping.

1- Calculating The Time Duration Of Drop Shipping

When it comes to the time and duration of drop shipping then you should be more careful in that area of the shipping process. As most of the new firms of online shopping add the feature of worldwide shipping which can be a hassle to do and does not cost efficient.

For example, if you ship worldwide the average rate of time that takes is 40 to 60 days which can be a lot and with that disadvantage, you will have unsatisfied costumers hence making sure the customer satisfaction you should mention those countries which take or has less time rate ratio of a particular delivery thus it will be easy and cost-efficient for you, and for you costumer it can help them by arriving early than mentioned.

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What do I mean by early shipping? Well, this is just a fact that in the USA through ePacket worldwide delivery time ratio is 10 to 20 days while on the other hand in the United Kingdom the delivery time ratio is 20 to 40 days which can be a lot when it comes to worldwide shipping.

So, you should target these countries which have less shipping time for your dropshipping method to be successful.

2- Finding The Right Product For Drop Shipping:

When you have a proper product for the dropshipping process it can be the first step of your company’s success but if you don’t then this could be very important when it comes to dropshipping. With that, it is a hassle in finding the right Drop Shipping products.

You might be wondering what can be the perfect and right product for dropshipping purposes? Well, let me explain that these products mainly include a solid-state item, not a fragile and easily damaged item. This product should meet all the standards or drop shipping and can bear any type of harsh traveling. These are the main thing to look in the best and perfect product for dropshipping purposes.

3- Do Not Dropship On Ebay Or Amazon:

When it comes to dropshipping on eBay and Amazon platforms it can be easy as you don’t even have to build a store for that you just upload the add and voila here you are talking to your buyer.

But everything has a consequence like such when you drop ship either of Amazon or eBay your customer will expect it to arrive in one or two days which can be hectic for the seller as the standard time is 7 or 10 days.

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Well, if one of the standard times your customer will become angry and unsatisfied hence making sure the satisfaction of your customer this is an unorthodox way to dropship.

As mentioned in the previous heading that worldwide dropship takes up to 40 to 60 days which provides the time to the seller to manage their stuff hence drop shipping in 1 or 2 days can be hectic.

Consider you have a proper store you will have reliable and consistent customers rather than any random customers on Amazon or eBay so, this can be hard and uneven practice to dropship through Amazon or eBay.

4-Setting Up With LLC:

What is LLC? Well, it is protecting yourself with legal paperwork just in case you get sued hence according to the survey the most asked question is that you have to set up for LLC when opening a proper store.

Well, the answer is no! You don’t without setting up an LLC you can be the sole proprietor of your company which gives you complete control over your company.

But it is a good practice for you to set up with and LLC paperwork as it can protect you with legal issues and it is a vital and good option in the USA.

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