3 Advantages of Having a Presentation Folder

Today the world is turning digital in many ways and with that, certain concepts that have traditionally been well-regarded are slowly beginning to seem, to an extent, outdated to modern generations. After all, one would ask, why bother when they can do pretty much everything with the help of modern digital technology?

When meetings can be held online in the virtual space and any additional information that one may need with regards to an organization, a company or a brand can easily be looked up online, many may have consequently acquired the impression that physically printed material is not so important after all.

It is, therefore, no surprise that traditionally important items like presentation folders; often used to hold such printed documents, are today seemingly losing their appeal and are gradually being overlooked, dismissed as being less important too.

But should this be the case? Not quite. Even with the nascent digital technologies that threaten to take over tasks previously ascribed to such items, presentation folders still have myriads of benefits.

They still play a vital role in any organization’s growth and development and also amplify the professionalism of an individual, the more the reason why the notion that these folders are a thing of the past is a misguided one. So what are the benefits of presentation folders?

Branding and marketing the business

Presentation folders do not need to be plain and uninteresting. Savvy professionals and entrepreneurs often make use of them to market themselves, as well as the products and services they have on offer. Take it this way; prospective partners and clients often receive many of these folders after physical meetings, and instead of just having your folder plain, you may incorporate a lot more about your company, brand or business on and inside the same folder.

The result is you will be reaching a lot more people elsewhere through this simple item. Having a presentation folder that is attractive and appealing, strategically imprinted with your corporate logo, is a plus in that it makes your brand look unique and distinguished from your rivals’ brands.

Moreover, including additional catchy information on the presentation folder about other products or services that you offer, creates awareness to your potential clients and partners that other than that single product or service that your presentation was about then, there are a lot more others that you can as well provide. Then there is the leeway presented for you to tell more about your business’ important information that slightly deviates from the day’s presentation, such as your brand’s history, milestones, and achievements.

All these can be strategically printed somewhere on the folder (possibly on its overlaps) allowing your clients to read about your brand while you do your presentation. This is an ideal way to advertise and market yourself without trying much.

They showcase your professionalism and organizational capabilities

Presentation folders are an ideal way to show how much you as an individual or organization are professional and organized. These folders help you to create a corporate professional look for yourself. The professional image in turn goes a long way in ensuring that your prospective partners and clients view you as an expert who is professionally conversant with what they do.

Not only do the presentation folders help you achieve this, but they also give you an organized look not just in physical meetings with your clients but also in professional interviews with your prospective business partners. Think of a situation where you head into a business meeting with nothing in your hands other than a messy jumble of papers.

The perception created will be that you are a disorganized individual, who would most likely mess up a business when presented with an opportunity to run it. Remember that to many people, first impressions count and are more memorable.

Lastly, these folders are a systematic way to organize and arrange documents in the office cabinets making it easy to retrieve specific documents whenever they are required and generally keep the office well planned.

They ensure the handiness and safety of documents

Have you ever hurriedly picked important documents, rushing for an important meeting and when just about to start your demonstration, you realize some documents are missing, a further search back in the office yields nothing, then it later emerges that you probably dropped these documents somewhere along the corridors, where they possibly were picked by the cleaners and discarded as trash? Now that’s another situation where presentation folders are an important asset.

They guarantee you the security of your documents ensuring that they remain handy when you require them. You, therefore, do not need to worry about accidentally dropping some of your documents as they are securely tucked in the folder. And when the time comes for you to make the presentation, you have the assurance that everything you need and had set for the meeting is still intact therein.

In the same breath, when you later give these documents (inside a presentation folder) to your prospective clients, chances that they will be misplaced or mixed with other people’s documents (such as business proposals) will be minimized.

Further to this, presentation folders remove the risk of your documents being tarnished or dirtied by exposure to elements such as drinks, food, or unclean hands. It would be irrational to present marred documents to prospective clients.


Much as many people today may perceive them as ineffectual due to the emergence of digital technology, presentation folders are not a bygone item and are still as effective as they were years ago.

Technology, being as it is, is predisposed to a fault and may fail without warning. Without the usefulness of items such as presentation folders to hold and carry your physical documents in, challenges may come about.

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