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15 Social Media Trends for 2021 | All must Know

There is no denying that there is a lot going on in social media – outdoing new products, completely new possibilities on websites and various technological solutions. So what can we expect this year and what directions will be popular in social media trends in 2021?

Table of Contents

  • In pursuit of television
  • It counts here and now
  • Even more video
  • A lot of stories
  • The use of fan content
  • Influence marketing is the icing on the cake
  • Niche marketing – strength in a small group
  • Social listening
  • Social commerce
  • Chatbots in a natural setting
  • AR and VR are on the agenda
  • The era of artificial intelligence
  • Weak Facebook
  • Employee advocacy
  • Analytics as a personalization tool

In pursuit of television

Perhaps some cannot imagine that social media will be able to replace television, but research shows something completely different. Instead of watching TV, more and more of us are focusing on viewing various types of video on the web. This is a sign for companies to rethink their television advertising expenditure and redirect them to creating video materials for promotion on social media.

In 2019, a novelty appeared on Instagram that allows you to add long videos in a vertical format. Although IGTV has not yet won the hearts of many brands, and followers approach it from a distance, it will certainly change in 2019.

It counts here and now

Authenticity in 2019 will continue to gain strength. Social media users want real, honest emotions, not artificial ads. Live broadcasts will become more and more positive, i.e. live’y. Show observers and clients how your work looks like and how your products are made. Make your recipients feel special thanks to the invitation to the world of your brand until now shrouded in a great secret.

In addition, social media will remind all fans of your broadcast. It is becoming harder to miss them because portals are increasing their reach by sending notifications to all observers.

Even more video

Invariably, we’ve been observing the growing advantage of video over standard photos and graphics for several years. 2021 will not be much different in this respect from previous years. Internet users will be even more likely to spend time watching movies online. And where and what content exactly? It is YouTube that will bring the social media population to its site. No wonder, after all, it is the largest platform offering access to video content. His feet are on the small but powerful Instagram Stories. In both cases, the authenticity mentioned above will continue to reign. Users are increasingly looking for stories of ordinary people with whom they can identify, who are struggling with similar problems. All this will make vlogs or short stories on Stories even more popular.

For companies, this means one thing, it’s time to publish extraordinary video content on your social media, conduct relationships and think about working with Influencers. Just do not forget! Generation “Z” values ​​honesty and authenticity the most.

Video Apps

Power of stories

This dynamic format is still gaining importance. Observers view relationships more often than their wall with friends’ posts. Other portals are also introducing similar solutions to attract Instagram fans to themselves. Will they make it? We will see.

Using fan content

User-Generated Content is a trend that returns after a moment of forgetfulness. Followers’ brand content will become very desirable again. We keep to the determinant “the more honest the better”. And probably no one will show a more authentic product than someone who has already bought it? That’s how brands will build trust in 2019!

Influence marketing is the icing on the cake

Influence marketing owes its success primarily to the real opinion on the product. This is definitely the year in which we are moving away from artificiality in content and this is a manifestation of the growing popularity of Influencers. Cooperation of your brand with famous people on the web will definitely bring a lot of benefits. Products presented by them in vlogs or on Stories are definitely better received by users than from ordinary advertising or even authentic company materials in social media. Just remember not to impose your requirements on influencers. Leave them free space to pass on your products to their followers. Let it be an honest and original message that will definitely be successful.

Among the platforms that are noteworthy with influencer marketing, Instagram is definitely ahead. Both companies and Influencers themselves are most likely to choose this place. This is not without reason. Stories on Insta offers the addition of coverage at any time, without much effort, and with such a short dose of content, followers can become familiar with it in just a few seconds.

Niche marketing, which is strength in a small group

Another trend is the creation of more precise campaigns, ads, and content. This year will be the one in which brands become aware of the need to build their local position. They will notice that it will be easier for them to reach more customers around the specified groups. A good example of using niche marketing will be working with less known influencers who have a lively group of observers. Facebook has also turned its attention to local communities and the development of groups, which are selected based on shopping interests and preferences. Group activities will also increase on LinkedIn. For now, we have a new look at the groups, which is more like the main table of the site, but it certainly will not end.

Digital Marketing Trends

Social listening

What buyers on the web say about your brand is extremely important. By listening to and analyzing their statements, companies can learn what they should change in their products to make them even better. This year, brands will be more aware that it’s not enough to monitor their fan pages. Most people who speak do not do this on the brand profile, so you need to go beyond your channels and view comments about your activities throughout the network.

Social commerce

A shortening consumer shopping path is a great opportunity for social networking sites. There is already a lot going on in this matter: marking items and using shopping stickers on Instagram, shopping directly from Facebook. In 2018, a direction was outlined that will definitely develop this year and will surprise us all. Popular social networking sites are probably already working on new Visual Search solutions that will make it easier for #shopping social media users.

Chatbots in a natural setting

In 2018, we observed the rapid development of communication through robots. Although at the very beginning they raised many doubts, today we can say that this is a great improvement of work. The users themselves were also very skeptical about it, but this barrier was broken. Chatbots are no longer as artificial as at the beginning, and if they are very well programmed they solve simple problems of users, without the need for human intervention. Artificial intelligence streamlines many processes. We can expect that in 2019 it will be even more refined and natural, and ordering food at home through it will no longer be a problem.

This is a good sign that Chatbots are already personalized enough to send industry articles and advice at Messenger. This is a great opportunity to use for companies, which is why we are eagerly waiting for what’s new in terms of Chatbots developers will offer us in 2019.

Social Commerce

AR and VR on the agenda

Virtual reality solutions have already gained popularity and delighted several large brands this year. An example is Ikea with its application visualizing the transfer of its assortment to clients’ apartments. Such interesting solutions not only build the image of a modern company but also incredibly engage customers.

The world of AR and VR is definitely a forward-looking direction that will mark its unique character and great advertising opportunities this year.

AR and VR Social Media trends

The era of artificial intelligence

If we are already talking about bots and the virtual world, we must also mention the importance of artificial intelligence. Although the topic has been scrolling for several years, AI technology is increasingly marking its capabilities in the field of marketing and advertising. Systems are able to process huge amounts of information, and this is a great help in analyzing trends.

Weak Facebook

After the data leakage scandal, Zuckerberg’s portal still can’t shake it off and the fact that things are going wrong can be seen with the naked eye. However, the biggest problem is the lack of an idea for the further development of the website. Although there are many new features like 360 ​​video, they are not strong enough to stop users from leaving on a massive scale. Facebook will have to face this in 2019. Will this year-end the portal’s life? There are many reasons, but Facebook never gives up and we can definitely expect further attempts to develop the website this year. Facebook runaways on WhatsApp?

Even if Facebook users joined the #deletefacebook campaign, they certainly did not withdraw from the network. This means that doors have opened for other applications that could exploit this market gap. Surprisingly, WhatsApp turned out to be a new shelter for social media freaks. The application is the most-downloaded app in recent months. Does such a simple messenger really replace old Facebook fans with a great portal? The decision to give up many options for WhatsApp may shock, but as you can see users are fed up with confusion and focus on simplicity. Maybe 2019 is the time to think about why we are rushing for new products and are they really so necessary for our success?

Social Media trends

Employee advocacy

This is another trend that will continue in 2019. It is about encouraging employees to promote themselves online. The increase in the popularity of social selling has its share in this and brands have started to motivate employees to share their industry knowledge, promote themselves and the company on their social networks. This is a great opportunity for LinkedIn, which has a business character. Perhaps there will be new options or completely new industry applications? Soon we will hear something about it.

Social Media trends

Analytics as a personalization tool

This year Facebook has had various turbulences. The statistics in the panel removed, returned incomplete and over and over again. This is all because the Zuckerberg portal introduces new possibilities in Facebook Analytics and self-measurement tools. In 2019, more and more people will actually use these panels and will even more meticulously analyze the data in terms of advertising effectiveness and adapting them to the audience.

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