The Psychology Of Learning: 10 Ways To Make Your Students Better Learners

10 Ways To Make Your Students Better Learners

When the coronavirus pandemic emerged, many schools implemented “distance learning” to help students thrive academically during a global health crisis. Interestingly, students performed better when they were taught remotely by teachers. It’s speculated that traditional classrooms aren’t as effective at teaching as digital schools! Surveys from 2019 have shown that Americans utilize 37% of the information they receive academically. Other studies indicated that over 80% of the stuff people learn at school isn’t useful after graduation. We have many students slacking off during lectures and not paying attention in class. So, how can teachers help students become better learners? We have some suggestions to help.

Helping Your Students Learn Better at School

Modern-day classroom instructors are concerned about their students not being attentive at school. So, they want to revamp their teaching methods to make students learn better and enjoy their lessons. How can a teacher encourage students to learn better? Student success should remain a teacher’s priority in the classroom. But success doesn’t always translate into getting good grades. Sometimes, teachers have to increase students’ engagement, making them more involved in lessons. So, when students are learning better, they can become productive members of society in the future. Therefore, we’ll discuss some top-notch strategies here for teachers who are willing to make their students superior learners:

Enhance Your Learning:

You can’t become an effective instructor unless you hone your teaching ability! So, you should attain a master’s degree in your relevant field to explore different strategies for teaching children. This degree helps you learn how students are engaged in the classroom properly. Since this degree is available via distance learning, you can enhance your education while teaching some students. Thus, you can learn the psychology behind effective education to help pupils learn better at school now.

Student-Led Classrooms:

A teacher must empower students by creating student-led classrooms. This strategy allows teachers to interact creatively with students, encouraging them to become self-confident. Therefore, you may divide students into five teams and let each group teach a range of different subjects. It enables students to become better learners since they must understand a topic deeply for teaching it to their peers. 

Establish A Routine:

You can engage children by establishing a consistent schedule for them. It prevents your pupils from misbehaving and allows them to focus properly on academic activities. A teacher should serve as the classroom manager as well! You’re supposed to establish some basic principles these children must follow in class. A well-organized classroom can function properly and allows you to teach them well. Don’t undermine the importance of establishing a proper routine when you’re in the classroom.

Question-Based Learning:

Teachers should encourage students to ask thought-provoking questions and transform them into a bunch of curious children. This inquiry-based learning can become independent thinkers as students become involved in problem-solving. Therefore, students collaborate with classmates and find solutions to problems independently. The greatest gift teachers can bestow upon children is to motivate them to think independently. You must allow questions!

Weekly “Fun” Activity:

How about motivating students to engage in “fun” activities every week! These activities have the element of entertainment combined with regular academics to encourage more students to engage in their lessons. These activities increase students’ interest in their studies while allowing instructors to impart knowledge effectively. We have discussed establishing a routine, but routine may also lead to perpetual boredom. These activities nullify the negative effects of a routine.

Digital Education:

As explained before, digital education helps students learn better! Statistics indicate that pupils can retain 25-60 percent of the information obtained digitally in less time than in traditional classrooms. A teacher can introduce some elements of distance learning in class. Use multimedia to explain difficult concepts easily. You can even leverage YouTube videos to enable students to learn better. Digital learning is faster, more efficient, and more convenient for students as it produces better learners.

Show That You Care:

A teacher should connect with students individually. It’s important to reach out to someone who feels left behind in class. So, are there students with whom you’re not on good terms? Don’t forget that students can sense when the teacher doesn’t interest them. Don’t let personal feelings stop you from caring about every student in the class. You should show your excitement and express how much you enjoy teaching them. It’s good for their morale and makes students respect you more.

Communicate With Students:

Effective communication contributes to the success of every industry, and teaching’s no exception! If you wish to impart knowledge effectively, don’t forget to communicate this information to children properly. Make your lessons more interactive and avoid one-way sessions where only the teacher speaks, and everyone listens. Make sure that your lectures are discussions in which pupils participate wholeheartedly. When children participate in discussions, they become more engaged at school.

Use Visualization Elements:

Students learn better when they can visualize information in their minds. Marketers utilize this same strategy to attract more customers via any advertisement campaign. Teachers can leverage picture elements to make students better learners. Similarly, outdoor activities allow children to learn while having some “fun”! Even traditional classrooms incorporate visualization techniques in their lessons. That’s why you see how books written for children contain pictures explaining difficult concepts.

Vary Your Teaching Methods:

You shouldn’t stick with one teaching method when you can switch to another teaching method in the classroom. Remember that every student possesses different qualities. They’re different when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. So, you shouldn’t focus on a single teaching strategy. Instead, experiment with different teaching methods to avoid boring your students. When your style varies, it keeps everyone interested in your lectures. Therefore, continue varying your teaching methods.


In 2016, a Gallup survey revealed that one-fifth of American students were “actively disengaged,” whereas 10% of them were both discouraged and disengaged. It means that many students aren’t participating in classroom activities. So, what can teachers do to rekindle the love of learning in their students? Well, we suggest creating student-led classrooms and adopting query-based teaching methods. Also, maintain a routine in class and conduct study-related “fun” activities to motivate students. You can utilize elements of visualization to make lessons more interesting for children. Moreover, try digital education as well as effective communication. These tips can help your students become better learners at school in 2022.


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