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10 Practical Tips of Corporate Videos

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The corporate videos are a good way to advertise and make known our brand, company or product. They help to convey the essence of the company or brand. And they also help to complete the strategy of attracting customers. They transmit a lot of information in a very short time and this is highly valuable. Especially today, in which we have very little time for everything.

We live in society over saturated. In an increasingly competitive market, and therefore with corporate videos, in addition to informing, what is sought is to impact. It seeks to highlight the sector in which the business that is being promoted in the videos is moving and that is useful both for the current public of the company and for potential customers.

But to ensure that corporate videos are 100% effective and meet their main goal, we must take into account a few tips we provide.

Our audiovisual production company has extensive experience in corporate videos for any type of company. That’s why we’ve known for a long time what things work and what does not work:

Define The Corporate Video Message

The first thing to think before starting to structure our corporate videos is the message we want to convey in them. The message must be clear. Around him, the entire script of the corporate videos will be structured.

We have to write the script using a close language. A language that everyone can understand perfectly. And most importantly, a language away from the technicalities. The technicalities only serve to separate our viewers from the final message we want to convey. The language the more audiovisual and didactic, the better. You have to put the simple things to the possible clients. Nor bored with the information we are transmitting.

Sometimes exceptions are made. For example, when you have to make corporate videos of highly specialized products. So if it is convenient to use a more technical language. Although, if possible, always using images that reinforce what is being told? In this way we will make sure that everyone will understand.

According to the message that we are going to transmit, we will decide what will be the style of our corporate videos. There are different styles. With real images, with animations or Motion Graphics, testimonials, promotional, with actors, etc. This is also decided according to the characteristics of the company or client. And of course, also the budget that we have to make the corporate videos.

Get To Know The Company Well

It is very important to know well the client with whom we are going to work. This will make it easier to tell the story of the company or the product and services they offer. For our corporate videos to be effective it is essential to be familiar with the company on which an audiovisual content is going to be generated.

In this way, we will help each other when working for them and know what their work techniques are. Also, when working with them side by side. In the process of audiovisual creation, we will have to keep in mind the needs of our clients and their preferences.

Collaborate Closely With The Client

The client has a very important opinion in the elaboration of corporate videos. Although work and development is usually left to audiovisual producers, it is very important to work closely and jointly in decision-making. In this way, we will be totally sure that the result has been adapted to the expectations and needs of the client or company.

Short Corporate Videos

Every time we have more hurry for everything, less attention capacity. Therefore, every time we have less concentration level. For all this, it is convenient that our corporate videos do not extend much. If we extend an idea too long, the only thing we will do is quickly divert attention from our potential customers.

At present we all want the information to reach us in a short and direct way. That is why it is so important to be clear about the idea and the message to be transmitted. This will help us to be able to translate it in the shortest possible time. That is what our potential customers will be left with.

With about 3 minutes or even less it will be more than enough to make effective and direct corporate videos.

Pre-Production Corporate Videos

In order for our corporate videos to be well structured, we need to make a good pre-production. This is that before starting to record, we must be very clear about how we are going to do it. What are we going to record, in what order, what plans do we need, where and when we are going to carry out the recording? In addition to many more technical things that cannot and should not be left to chance. If we did, we would end up with disastrous corporate videos.

The first thing we have to do is make a script, both technical and literary. In the technical script we will specify all the technical comments. Also the types of planes and camera movements. In the literary script the dialogues, voice over, interviews or structure of the history are specified.

Making a good filming plan is also something very important to do before starting the recording of corporate videos. Be clear about the locations, dates and times of recording. This considerably facilitates the work to be done on the days of the recording itself, as well as in the subsequent assembly and post-production phases. Do not use improvisation for this type of situation. Improvising can be very counterproductive to the final result, in addition to causing more expenses and waste of time.  

Target Audience Corporate Videos

In most cases the corporate videos are not correctly established. This makes it very difficult to transmit the message we want to give. It makes it difficult for the message to reach our potential customers correctly.

That is why it is so important, as we mentioned before, to know the company and know what exactly it wants to transmit with corporate videos. Because according to the target audience we want to direct, we will make corporate videos of a specific style or language.

It is never good to try to cover a very broad target audience. The strategy to follow can be very different in each case. Perhaps, in wanting to cover many different sectors, we finally do not get any of them right. Each sector or type of target audience requires different specific information and therefore if we want our message to reach different groups of people, it is best to make different specific corporate videos for each of the groups we want to contact.

Create a Clear Structure

Based on the scripts we have previously created, technical script and literary script, we have to make a clear structure of the corporate videos before starting the recording days.

A good way to structure corporate videos is to write a voice-over that guides our entire message. It is not always essential to have a voiceover. Sometimes it is used so that the stories told in the corporate videos are followed and understood better. Other times it is not necessary because the message is simple and direct and does not require extra explanations to accompany our images.

If you decide to opt for having a voice over for our corporate videos, it is best to turn to a professional voice over or voice over. In this way, we will provide our corporate videos with professionalism and prestige.

It is also very important to structure well which parts of the business to promote want to show and which do not. We have to make it very clear which processes we want to record for corporate videos, which we want to show about the company or what image we want to give of it. Well, even with the technical script done, many times you do not know exactly what is going to be recorded.

Corporate Videos With the Best Resources

Having the best resources for the realization of corporate videos is to ensure a result of quality and effectiveness. The choice of the team that will be counted on is a very important task that will influence the final result.

You have to have a good technical and creative team, in addition to choosing good actors. Although all this always depends on the budget that is counted. But according to our budget, we can always choose some options better than others.

Regarding the technical material, it is important to know everything we will need for the realization of corporate videos. This is essential especially for the days of shooting. We have to have everything we need to get the job done.

The investment made in corporate videos may seem expensive, but the results obtained with them are worth it. They generate very good results and place the customer, company or products within the audiovisual framework of the Internet so booming at the moment.

To obtain the best results in corporate videos, it is always best to trust a professional who has experience in this field, because the quality obtained will be clearly differentiating. Use good technical equipment, good assembly, good post-production will always improve the corporate image of the company and give a good brand image, which in the long run will mark the distance with direct competition.

Post Production Corporate Videos

Postproduction is one of the most important phases because it is where we will provide our corporate videos with a professional and elegant finish. This is the phase where the difference between professional videos and videos made by non-professional people is marked.

The best plans for the structure of the video are chosen, in addition, it is necessary to mark a good rhythm in the images so that the visualization of the corporate videos is not monotonous and boring. In each separate plane, the color will be studied and the levels and contrast will be retouched to form a unison set in terms of color.

Another part of the postproduction that gives great professionalism to corporate videos are the graphics. A good header, good animation of the logo or brand image and good explanatory labels, will make a clear difference between our corporate videos production and the rest.

Music Corporate Videos

Although we have left music to the end, it does not mean that it is not important. Music is key in corporate videos. They complete the audiovisual work by providing it with a set that, separately, would not impact so much.

The choice of music for corporate videos depends a lot on the budget that is counted, because if the budget allows it is always better to hire a composer who composes a unique piece according to the brand image that we are trying to transfer in corporate videos. 

But many times this is not the case. Therefore, we can choose Internet music that accompanies to transmit the idea of our client. On the Internet, we have numerous websites of music libraries where we sure find something according to what we are looking for.

We must not forget that music is an accompaniment, it should never be the complete focus of attention. If we have a voice-over, we will have to combine it with music, since music can never be left over from the voice-over. This would make it difficult to understand our message, as well as not being professional or pleasant to listen to.

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