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10 The Best Strategies for IELTS-Exam Preparation

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Studying abroad always fascinates students. It provides an ultimate opportunity to get global exposure and acquaint you with different cultures. The IELTS exam is to test the knowledge and proficiency in the English language. Candidates are required to get an average score to be eligible for applying to various international universities. Today many companies are providing complete Guidance for preparing for the IELTS online test.

This blog consists of key strategies and tips to prepare for the IELTS examination efficiently.

Introduction to IELTS

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System which is for providing grades in the English language to the candidates who want to work-study or reside in foreign countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. It consists of four key parts that are reading, listening, speaking, and writing on which students are graded. The students acquire scores between 1-9 and various universities accept the candidates based on their score and interview.

IELTS exam is divided into two modules

  • Academic module: This module is for the students who wish to seek overseas higher education in foreign universities and colleges. It is also for the doctors and nurses who want to practice in a country that is English-spoken.
  • General training module: This IELTS module is for the candidates who are looking for job opportunities and for immigration objectives.

In India, there are a large number of candidates who take up the IELTS general practice test every year to build proficiency in English and pass the exam.

Main Four section of IELTS Exam

  • Reading: This part of the exam is divided into three sections. The students are given a 60 minutes exam where they are examined for skills in academic reading.
  • Listening: This section appears to be a little complex for the students; it is divided into four sections. It comprises 40 questions where candidates have to carefully answer each question after listening.
  • Writing: In this part, students are tested on their English writing skills. It is a 60 minutes test where candidates are required to write an essay and also analyze a diagram.
  • Speaking: In this section, the candidates are interviewed by the examiners in an approximately 11-15 minutes long interview. The question gets easy to complex as the interview proceeds further.

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How to prepare for IELTS: Tips and suggestions

Decide whether to take up academic or general training test modules

First, you have to be clear which training modules to pick. Academic Training modules are meant for the students looking for study programs and attend colleges and universities. Whereas, General training modules are for candidates who want to immigrate to these English-speaking countries.

Know the exam structure

Get a thorough knowledge of the exam structure. The test consists of four modules that are reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each section aims to develop specific skills and help you score in the IELTS exam and for general use.

Get an idea about the marking criteria

You must be well-equipped with the knowledge of marketing criteria to score high in exams. You must know the meaning of band scores and the official criteria for marking.

Improve the vocabulary

Vocabulary makes a strong foundation for learning the English language. There are different questions for listening and reading questions. In The IELTS exam vocabulary forms 20% of the total in speaking and writing tasks. Read the challenging reading materials that introduce you to new words and vocabulary.

Practice under timed conditions

One of the best strategies to prepare for the exam is to do the practice of taking the test within the targeted time. The students face problems finishing the exam within the assigned time, then even after good at answering they fail to attempt all the tasks. There are many IELTS online courses where students can take up mock tests and review their performance.

Mockup tests

You can assess your band performance by taking the IELTS online test and mock test. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and test format. There are many test papers and modules available in the market where you can practice. However, there are also fake and misleading test papers. It is wise if you can enroll for IELTS online coaching, where they are associated with Cambridge and provide authentic study material and practice tests. You can increase your performance only if you prepare by studying material from trustworthy sources.

Evaluate your writing and speaking ability

The candidate must seek an expert’s professional’s assistance to evaluate their speaking and writing ability. The professionals will be able to provide you with an authentic review of your current level and where you want to reach. You will come to know your weak points to improve by working on them. The professionals can easily assess your improvement and quality of performance.

Exercise fluency and pronunciation

The speaking task of IELTS exam is inclusive of three parts, a structured interview, a short talk, and a free interview. The candidates are tested by asking 2-3 briefs on familiar subjects. Whether it is IELTS general practice test or academic test or to improve your speaking skills, pronunciation is a major concern. To enhance their speaking skills, candidates need to practice consistently.

Exercise daily on enhancing listening skills

Listening to the news every day can help a lot for the betterment and developing listening skills. It is also an important aspect; the candidate must listen to recording one without any pause and after checking answers and listen again.

Be realistic with yourself

Last but not least, candidates must know their ability to master the English language and gain proficiency. The students must know their present level of knowledge and where they need to be to score for IELTS. Take mock tests by registering with the IELTS training provider or any online course and gain insight.

The candidates must focus on practicing each skill every day to get away from the boredom. Help yourself with other English activities other than IELTS lessons. It is advised not to hesitate with the unfamiliar words. Today there are numerous training centers for the IELTS exam and you and also find IELTS center near me online and get yourself to take up the exam.


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